Margate Coastal Park Promotion Group is a not-for-profit community group established in 2016. Our aims are twofold:

1- To develop a shared understanding of the history and significance of the continuous stretch of open space that lines the coast of Margate, from Main Sands to Botany Bay, including:
• Its potential as a heritage site of international importance
• Its value as a public park and amenity

2- To celebrate and connect the diversity of contemporary user-groups associated with the Coastal Park, working with them to develop a shared agenda for the protection and enhancement of this public space and the rights and well-being of the community.

We approach this through (1) the research, promotion, conservation and rehabilitation of such historical, cultural, architectural, archaeological and natural heritage as may exist in and around the Coastal Park and (2) the establishment or running of a site-specific celebration that showcases the diverse communities, cultural practices, heritage and natural and built environment of the Coastal Park. 

The Margate Coastal Park Promotion Group consists so far of a steering committee. You can write to us in the contact section.

Our initial proposals have the backing already of a large number of individuals, institutions and governing bodies, and we are in the process of organizing an open democratic forum and consultation, including a structure of community participation and support that can make the reaching of our collective goals a long term fair, manageable and sustainable reality.

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