Special Offers

> Hantverk & Found offers to anyone who mentions Margate Coastal Park a special of a glass of Kent wine and a Crudo of Locally Landed Sea Bass or 3 Oysters and a Bloody Mary for £10.  Check also their nexhibition 'Floor, Wall, Garage, Magazine Rack’ by the award winning Scottish-Indian Artist Jasleen Kaur. 

Xiringuito offers a wine or beer complimentary for anyone who orders a Curried Soft Shell Crab Burger when referencing Margate Coastal Park Celebration. Check here the rest of their menu.  

The Grain Grocer have designed a whole menu for you to take on your excursion through the events of Margate Coastal Park Celebration, for either a picnic or at the beach, or some snacks to take with you, all their products are 100% organic. Check it here.  

>Viking Gallery offers 10% reduction on any of their British Museum Viking products to anyone who mentions Margate Coastal Park Celebration. We love their rugs!